Gifset: Charlie and Cecelia

Friendship in it’s truest form is rare- if you are lucky enought to find it, never let it go.

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Gifset:You saved me

While on the job as an auror, Tyrell saves a woman who he accidentally becomes very attached too.

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Gifset: Mother/Daughter

"You do know i’ll probably just go anyways right?"

"Oh - I know but your father’s not here so I had to at least to try and stop you."

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Event Gif Set: I didn’t ask for this darkness

After Nathaniel goes on his killing spree, and ends up causing Temperance significant emotional damage she begins to suffer from delusions and other unsafe episodes. Her parent’s upon figuring this out, admit her to the mental wing of St. Mungo’s not knowing her tormentor was already residing there.

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Gifset (AU): Once Upon A Time

Best friends can also make great enemies.

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Mood Board :Sasha

Mood Board :Sasha

Aspen Drabble  

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AU Gifset: Coffee Shop

An alternate world in which a familiar cast of characters have nothing in common but the coffee they drink and the little cafe they get it from.

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