Gifset: Gardia

"You say that a lot."

"It’s because it’s true."

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Gifset: Stakeout

"It’s a stakeout. You need to be quiet."


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Short Story 

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Sometimes theres just nothing to say 

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Gardia Drabble 


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Gifset: Distance is Hard

To cope with being apart for such a long time during the school year, Kevin and Melody exchange Vlogs as frequently as possible to keep up with each other.

Gifset: The B Word

"So are we doing this?"

"Doing what?"


"You know if you want to be my boyfriend all you have to do is say so - although I must warn you there’s a waiting list."


"Yeah, but i’ll let you jump to the front of the list."

Gifset: Unexpected Results

Normally I interview someone and I leave with a plethora of information, people rarely ever realize what actually happened. I play people like the piano - except I don’t play piano and during my ‘interview’ with Garfield he played me.

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Gifset: Garfield and Nadia

"Since when does going out for coffee warrant flowers?"

"Since Always.."


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Gifset: A Video Diary Confession

Hey. I’m Nadia Day and- I have a confession to make. I’m Gossip Witch. Not exactly sure how to continue. At the end of Easy A Olive seemed to have a pretty easy time doing this sort of thing. She was really sincere, and I suppose that’s what I’m going for too. This might require your patience though. The last time I went to confession I was ten. Anyways - while I am considering this a to be a formal apology to all my classmates may it also be noted that I still plan to stand by all my actions. While the means I went about to obtain information about all of you might have not always been truthful and sometimes lacked honor along with integrity: I want you to know that I have never told a lie. I have talked a lot of crap, but it was never without merit. However, recently in my life my Gossip Witch persona has put a lot of strain on my social life, as my friends have always been just as frequently blogged about on this website as my enemies. I never thought a boy could change my life in so many ways. He knows who he is. He deserves his privacy. Though I’m not exactly sure I deserve mine. It probably should have been punctured a long time ago. So here’s a few things you probably didn’t know about me : I’ve drunkenly kissed Calvin multiple times here at Hogwarts and regretted it each time, I’ve failed year three potions - twice, Rhett and I were the ones who poisoned the punch at last year’s yule ball ,My favorite pastime is to switch the contents of people’s back packs. I’m really bad at talking about myself - so that’s all I’ve got. Oh! Wait. Did any of you know I slept with Rob? Now I suppose I’m done and if you have anymore questions about me I’ll answer them in the forum below. This is not the end of this blog, and is more so the end of me blogging as Gossip Witch, and the begging of me blogging as Nadia Day. No Secrets. No Lying. No Trickery. Just Me.

Hopefully you’ll stick around for the ride.

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